Quento is a fun and delightful math game for all ages that improves your mental calculation ability.

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How to play Quento

See that 8 above the game board? To make it, you need three numbers. Try this:

6 + 7 - 5

Can you make that 11 by using four numbers?

You're playing Quento!

Enjoy mental calculation

Take your time to find the solution. There's a challenge for everyone. Without pressure.

You decide when to start the next round. And if you get stuck, a subtle hint will guide you without spoiling the fun.

The Daily Quento

Wake up and train your brain with the Daily Quento, a fresh puzzle every day of the week.

Why not challenge a friend, partner or co-worker to the Daily Quento and see who's best?

Play now, on the web, iPhone or Android

Multiplication tables

If 1 to 9 is too easy for you, pick your favorite numbers to play through the rounds.

How about using numbers up to 99? Or all numbers in the table of 7…

Designed for School

Let an individual student, a small group or the entire class engage the same set of rounds adjusted to their needs.

As a teacher, you can prepare a set of rounds for your students, based on their needs. Select the number set, choose the difficulty and generate a code for your students to enter.

With that code, students play individually or together in groups using the free Quento app on iPhone, Android, or right here on the web.

Are you a teacher? Enter the code TEACHER to unlock the code generation screen for free. Your students don't need a paid version of Quento.

Play for free

Enjoy unlimited rounds, the Daily Quento, a special ZEN mode and many different number sets, all for free.

On top of that, Quento never shows ads.

For only $2 you unlock all available challenges, number sets and teacher options. And you support us!

Or get the free app on iPhone or Android